Morning Coffee Reads Vol. 4

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This list of fun facts will keep you entertained for a few minutes.

The Super Bowl is in Minnesota this year and we are pretty pumped. Lots of people coming to town this weekend and one of the hometown breweries put this "primer" together and it covers most things you'd want to know.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, our mayor recorded a pretty great welcome... check it out.

This will be the coldest Super Bowl on record - good thing the game is inside. US Bank Stadium is pretty incredible and although we are sad it's not our hometown team, I think there will be plenty to do for people visiting. The outdoor activities are awesome, but as the temps fall drastically, out of towners will be drawn to indoor activities like the Mall of America. Here is the article on the weather for this weekend.

I will end on a good note today. We lost to the Eagles and they famously threw beers and food at our fans after the loss. I love reading stories like this one. We are all humans on the same planet and sports are fun, but they definitely should lead to community instead of anger and craziness. I hope this weekend's fan jump on board with the good sportsmanlike qualities.

Deep and Steep Diary: Loveland Ski Area, Colorado

Each year for New Year's we venture off to the mountains. It's something we have been doing since we moved out east. Being that neither of us have ever been big partiers during the ringing in of the new year, why not escape to a setting we both love? 

We actually spent the holiday in Evergreen, but were able but we made it a point to sneak away for a day of skiing. We decided on Loveland for a few reasons. First off, it's pretty easy to access from where we were staying in Golden. Next, we had read that due to the fact there are so many big name resorts beyond the pass the crowds here are lower. Loveland, like so many of my other favorite spots does not have a lodging option on the mountain and the resort amenities are limited. My kind of place.

Loveland Ski Area

The day started off well enough. We got there early to get our lift tickets and found out that if you buy a flex pass then you can get $15 back on your lift ticket if you leave within 4 hours. That really seemed unlikely being that we wanted to really pack in a solid day. BUT, once again on our search for waste-deep powder we came up short. There hadn't been a lot of snow in the days leading up to our trip and the temps had gotten quite high. This unfortunately led to half of the mountain not being open, including the ridge access. Since we are always down to make the best of a situation, we covered the part of the mountain that was open. There is a lot of decent terrain here but if you are looking for a serious challenge or unnerving steeps, I'd strongly recommend heading up the road another 15 minutes to A-Basin. 

Loveland Ski Area

After about 90 minutes we hit the lodge for a drink and then made the decision to get the $30 back after a few more runs. We ended up taking a couple of pretty fun runs before departing. Steph was excited to take runs where her skis pointed off the edge before making the drop...maybe she'd use a different word than excited. We put in a solid 3 hours here, had fun and then got out. The place has great views and some altitude you might not get other places but unfortunately I cannot give a full and fair assessment until the whole mountain can be explored. 

Loveland Ski Area
At Loveland

One thing I am a little hesitant to talk about is the hidden gem on the drive back from Loveland. As I said, there are no real amenities on mountain so for a quality apres experience you should stop in the little town of Georgetown. This is a classic little mountain town with only local shops and eateries. And it has a perfect little brewery there called Guanella Pass. Stop in for a super friendly experience and some damn fine beer. Be sure to mosey through the little shops too. Amazing what you can find here.

I suppose that's about it. I hope to have a follow up to this post again soon to give the full story on the lovely Loveland. But for now, I'll just have to keep dreaming of that tasty white goodness.

Loveland Ski Area

Morning Coffee Reads Vol. 3


2018 is well under way. We are back in action after a great vacation and to kick off the new year, I wanted to share some of our favorite things from the internet over the last few weeks. 

The best inventions of 2017 from Time Magazine. I'm a big fan of the Halo ice cream because their flavors are weird and awesome. Plus, getting the electric car into more of the mainstream US would be amazing.

This video of google searches from 2017.

Planning out our 2018 adventure list, I spent some time scrolling through this interactive website and it was awesome.

I will take any advice on cutting down the amount of trash we produce. This article from Mind Body Green was a good reminder to refocus. I need to battle my junk mail.

And because we got hit with a snow storm and reminded that winter is definitely here, I'm sharing this video of some Norwegian musicians. There are ice instruments and it's pretty cool.