Brands We Love: Patagonia

Money is power. Any dollar you spend speaks for you. That's why we want to use this platform to share some amazing brands that we are proud to support, feature and buy from.

We have featured Patagonia many times before on this website, but this week, they deserve all our attention. After the President made his announcements about scaling back protected lands in Utah, Patagonia made the bold move of using their homepage (during the biggest spending season of the year) to call attention to these proclamations and their plans to fight it. They call out organizations you can support that are directly fighting this, they give more information about the next steps in this battle and give you additional information.

You can find additional information on what happens next from this PBS article if you want to keep reading. There are tons of other outdoor recreations retailers stepping in with Patagonia, so definitely do your research. We just wanted to make sure to stand up and applaud this brand for using it's resources to take a stand.

Also, we've linked our 3 favorite products for men and our 3 favorite products for women below. We wouldn't get through our hiking adventures or ski trips without there. 

Morning Coffee Reads Vol. 2

Morning Coffee Reads

Semi trucks are not something that excites me normally, but Tesla just announced their first truck. See the photos of it here

Time Magazine released the short list of their person of the year candidates here. There are so many interesting and inspirational options and then there is also Kim Jong Un. I really hope they choose someone that is making a positive impact on the world since they selected Donald Trump last year. 

I've been dreaming about Iceland a lot lately. If you haven't seen our video clips from our trip in 2015, I've included it below. As much as I want to see all the countries in the world, there is something that is pulling me back there. Anyone have a recommendation on a place like Iceland?

The Instagram account called Accidentally Wes Anderson is my new favorite. I love just scrolling through and seeing all the colorful and quirky places. My goal is to submit a photo at some point to them.

Who would you pick for the Person of the year? Are you happy to be at the end of 2017?

Morning Coffee Reads

morning coffee reads.png

We are finally catching up on the last two weeks of NY Times Sunday papers. We save them until we can drink coffee, listen to music and read them. It's nice to have a few highlighted stories to check out each week, so I'm sharing a few things that I read the last week.

There is a country that has completely banned plastic bags and they are winning the battles. Read here to find out more.

Global Citizen just shared the two things you can cut back on to help make the biggest impact on food waste. Can you guess what they are? Find out here.

When planning your 2018 adventures, check out the five least visited National Parks.  We have been revisiting this list and figuring out how to sneak in at least one or two.

Both of us follow Pumpkin the Raccoon on Instagram and have changed our mind on Raccoons in general. I saw this article on the Huff Post good news and it made my day.

We are working on our Europe guides from our trips through the Alps. I came across this post of 22 photos that will make you want to visit Austria. 

Last, but not least, here is the best recipe we made last week. Brussels Sprouts are such a good vegetable when prepared correctly and mixed with the right things. If you're working on a meatless Monday or just trying to incorporate more veg recipes - this is a winner.

Congrats on making it halfway through your week.