Beach Day Must Haves

The first day of Summer is here. If you haven't gotten your butt in the sand yet, get something on the calendar. When living in Minnesota, I didn't really do beach days, so my first trip to the beach was quick because I was very unprepared. I brought only a towel and sunglasses. I didn't realize that it is a full day event and I needed to be entertained and able to recharge. 

I wanted to share what's currently in my beach bag along with a few other optional items for anyone else that has found themselves unprepared.

Beach Day Must Haves (for her)

1. Comfortable swimsuit. The one shown above is now sold out, but here's the other one I was looking at. I might still go back and buy them. I am a big fan of the one piece because I'm fairly conservative when it comes to skin shown, plus I'm so pale and burn in seconds. Plus, when I'm playing in the ocean, the last thing I want to worry about is my top coming off. You're welcome fellow beach mates.

2. Cheap sunglasses. I break every nice pair of sunglasses that I buy, so cheap wins now. Faded Days is a website with so many awesome colors and styles and they are affordable. We also bought a few of these ones because they are polarized and have a few different sizes. I don't think you can ever have enough neon wayfarers... so, jump on board.

3. A Polaroid Camera. I have this one which I love and we sent everyone home with lots of souvenirs photos. I recently got to play around with this one and I love it too - you can do a photo strip (4 photos at one time) or regular, plus it has 3 different color settings and the photos print out on stickers.

4. A good beach hat. Something like this super floppy one or more of a fedora style. A hat is a must for me to help me block the sun.

5. A good body spray. If you're like me, you will likely need a little indoor eating after a day in the sun. I always keep some sort of spritz or spray in my bag (the one pictured is from Philosophy.) If I've been sweating and in the ocean all day, it helps make me feel a little more human. 

6. Flip flops. I feel like this is a given.

7. A beach bag. You have to carry all essentials to the beach - including drinks, magazines, snacks and sunscreen. This is also your excuse to have a brightly colored bag. I have kept this colorful one on my wishlist for summer. Or if you like the one above, you can find it here.

8. Good books. I get lots of good reading done at the beach. On my list this summer: the newer Mindy Kaling book, The Nest, and any travel books since I want to start planning our next adventure.

9. A comfortable beach dress/cover-up. I cannot say enough good things about this one. I wore it almost every day in Costa Rica - don't worry, we had laundry where we stayed. It was loose, comfortable and perfect for beach to restaurant.

10. Floaties. No, this is not a necessity, but it definitely made our trip more entertaining. I'm obsessed with my new flamingo friend. I found out that Target sells these now too and they have food objects, other animals, so many options. 

11. A giant beach towel. I like having bright colored ones that are easy to spot. Here is a flamingo towel if that's your thing (it's definitely my thing.) I love the towels and accessories too.

12. SUNSCREEN. This is the most important thing for everyone. Sun Bum and Bare Republic are my favorite brands, but just buy some and use it.

Not pictured, but also good ideas for the beach:

An Umbrella. We bought ours at Target and it does the trick. It covers two people comfortably.  Once it's time to replace it, I've got my eye on this one from Tommy Bahama. 

A Cooler. We have been obsessed with this one for over a year now, but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. You'll want to check the beach rules wherever you go too - some places don't allow you to bring anything on to the beach.

A Garbage Bag. Pick up your stuff when you're done and spend a few minutes grabbing any other trash you see on the beach. 

Now get out there and enjoy. Tag us in your pictures or use our hashtag #tumblingattheocean