Urban Hiking Must Haves

Urban Hiking Must Haves

We spend many weekend days strolling in the city. I like to refer to it as "urban hiking" because it's all about the exploration. We rarely have an agenda, we just wander. It's an easy way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful day and also get some exercise. The best part about this method is finding all the secret dive bars and awesome food trucks that don't hang out near your normal routes.

Comfort is key when we are strolling, so here are some of the basics we require for a good Sunday (or any day) stroll.

For him:

Adjustable trucker hat like the Billabong hat pictured. It helps keep the sun out of your eyes and the wind from messing up your hair (for those who care.)

A classic backpack. We love the colors and styles of the Herschel Supply Co. This is important if you plan to stop in any record shops or farmers markets or maybe a candy store - it can hold your goodies that you pick up along the way.

Comfortable t-shirts. Our favorites are from Marine Layer, but anything you love will work.

Good walking shoes. Justin's favorite are his Converses, but anything that allows you to walk a few miles without foot pain is important. If you do experience foot pain, that's when you should stop for a snack or an ice, cold beverage.

For her:

Sunglasses. Wayfarer's are my jam, but everyone has a style they love. Just don't forget them.

Classic jeans + t-shirt look. It's comfortable, you can wear it into most places and you just really can't go wrong. The shirt in picture was found on this website and the jeans are just plain old Gap - never fails me.

Tote bag. The one pictured above is great for New York City, it even gives you an itinerary if you aren't sure where to eat.

Toms. I know you probably have other shoes you think are comfortable, but these are the only ones I will wear in the city. They are comfortable, don't draw any attention and keep my toes clean. 

For both:

Public transportation tickets. If your feet end up hurting too much, you'll need a way to get home. We love jumping on the subway even to just get to a new neighborhood. Most cities in the US have bike share or public transportation to use - try it!

Fitbit or step tracker. We both have the old school Flex and love them. They've lasted a few years and it's fun to have weekly competition with friends & family to keep stepping. On strolls in the city, we average about 15,000 steps.

Water bottle and/or coffee thermos. The Swell water bottles are great reviews. It's important to bring water with you. We sometimes take a to-go coffee from our apartment before heading out in the morning (and then refill as we go.)

A Camera. We have multiple cameras for different adventures, but nothing is as fun as the Instax we got last year. It's fun to leave people with souvenirs of your shared lunches or adventures or just snap a few colorful shots.

So that's the basics. Get out there and explore your city. Use the hashtag #tumblinginthecity to be featured on our Instagram account.