2018 - Adventure & Balance

The new year feels like a fresh start. I feel the same way about new seasons, sunrises and my birthday every year. An excuse to let things go and start new adventures. With this new year, we are pretty excited about the adventures ahead, but I'm determined to keep some balance through the year. 


We spent much of 2017 living out of suitcases between moving, work travel and fun travels. Lots of it was fun, but there was definitely some stress and anxiety with the amount of instability I felt. I have a goal this year to adventure closer to home as much as we adventure afar. This will help bring a little more balance and help us enjoy our time in Minnesota.

Some Life Goals:

  • Visit at least 8 new MN State Parks with our 2018 Pass
  • Visit at least 3 new National Parks with our America the Beautiful Pass
  • Enjoy the lakes of Minneapolis within blocks of our house
  • Get to the Pacific Ocean - it's been a few years
  • A few stamps on my craft brewery passport - all local breweries in the Twin Cities
  • A few stamps on my real life passport
  • Bike to work when the weather warms up - at least once a week
  • Ski at multiple resorts in the Rocky Mountains
  • Read more books that teach me things
  • Get involved in local politics

It's all about balance - some things easy and enjoyable and some that challenge me. It's the year of balance and putting my sanity and happiness at the top of my priority list.

If you're still looking for a New Year's resolution, here's a great list of ideas.