Brands We Love: Patagonia

Money is power. Any dollar you spend speaks for you. That's why we want to use this platform to share some amazing brands that we are proud to support, feature and buy from.

We have featured Patagonia many times before on this website, but this week, they deserve all our attention. After the President made his announcements about scaling back protected lands in Utah, Patagonia made the bold move of using their homepage (during the biggest spending season of the year) to call attention to these proclamations and their plans to fight it. They call out organizations you can support that are directly fighting this, they give more information about the next steps in this battle and give you additional information.

You can find additional information on what happens next from this PBS article if you want to keep reading. There are tons of other outdoor recreations retailers stepping in with Patagonia, so definitely do your research. We just wanted to make sure to stand up and applaud this brand for using it's resources to take a stand.

Also, we've linked our 3 favorite products for men and our 3 favorite products for women below. We wouldn't get through our hiking adventures or ski trips without there.