Election Day 2017


It has been one year since the day that we got the news that Donald Trump would be our next president. In the last year, I've marched, protested, called senators, emailed government officials, wrote about my beliefs on the internet here, signed petitions, got a newspaper subscription and added so many different books to my library list. Over time, I've watched this country become used to the craziness that is currently happening in our capitol.

My biggest concern is that people that have been horrified at some point over the last year won't show up at the polls. We may not be able to replace the president this year, but there are extremely important races at all levels of the government. In Minneapolis, we are voting for a new mayor. I learned that they use rank based voting and I'm all prepared for Tuesday. We are also voting for Parks & Recreation commissioner and city council. Those positions will have a direct impact on my daily life and our neighborhood so it's extremely important to vote.

Check this website for more information on your voting location and what's on your ballot. Also, take time to spread the word and remind your friends & family to get to the polls. Get your sticker and display it proudly. Make great choices!