Environmental Organizations You Should Know


Since the election, we have been working really hard to put our money and time to work. Watching people from all over get motivated and engaged has been amazing and we need to keep it up because it will help change the world. I did some research on some environmental organizations we wanted to support and I thought I'd share the beginning of my list with you and get some other ideas of organizations doing awesome things and needing time & money from me.

Protect Our Wintershttp://protectourwinters.org/ - They focus on youth education, advocacy and community-based activism all surrounding the climate. They use their partners in the outdoor sports to get their message out which also keeps their costs really low so your money goes further with them.

Defenders of Wildlifehttp://www.defenders.org/ - This is a good one if you want to get your kids engaged because you can adopt an animal on their website. They fight for wildlife which includes protecting land, fighting for better policies and on the ground work to protect and restore certain species.

Lonely Whale Foundationhttps://www.lonelywhale.org/#intro – This is a newer small organization that fights against plastic in the oceans and helps marine wildlife. This organization does a lot with education.

Natural Resources Defense Councilhttps://www.nrdc.org/ - This organization is definitely a much bigger one with tons of lawyers and scientists working with them. They fight on the policy side and the legal side.

If you don't have money, give your time. There are so many clean up groups or tree planting and they never have enough volunteers. We love Take 3 - http://www.take3.org/ - because their campaign is to pick up three pieces of trash anytime you go to the beach. I follow them on Instagram to help remind me that there are people doing simple things every day to help. 

Another easy thing to do is stop buying plastic when you can. Bring reusable bags with you and try to buy things in glass or aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles.

And lastly, supporting state and national parks when you can by visiting them is huge. It’s hard if you don’t live out west to get to many national parks, but there are awesome state parks that need attendance numbers and are super awesome.

Tell me your favorites. I will continue to find new organizations and share them here.