Make America Love Again

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There has been more hate in the news in the last week than I can remember in recent years. It's terrifying, but you have to keep fighting. You can't feel hopeless - you have to keep more forward and helping to make this country the place we've always claimed it was. A land where all people are equal and free. 

Here are a few things for you this week to learn & motivate:

Read: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates - This is a letter from a father to a son and has been called a Must Read by Toni Morrison. I picked it up from the library yesterday and dove right in.

Watch: The Vice News story on Charlottesville.

Listen to: The podcasts from Crooked Media this week. They have lots of guests on discussing the alt-right groups and the domestic terrorism happening in the country currently.

Do: Attend community events and volunteer your time to something in your community this week. You can't make this country better if you sit home and do nothing.

Support: The NAACP which is constantly working towards equal rights without discrimination based on race. Another option is to look up smaller groups in your community that help with the next generation - education is so important to helping create a brighter and more loving future and schools always need help.

Say: Everything on your mind. Have those conversations that you've avoided in the past. We have to speak up for what is right - love, kindness and equality.

Spread the love. Make America love again.