Morning Coffee Reads Vol. 3


2018 is well under way. We are back in action after a great vacation and to kick off the new year, I wanted to share some of our favorite things from the internet over the last few weeks. 

The best inventions of 2017 from Time Magazine. I'm a big fan of the Halo ice cream because their flavors are weird and awesome. Plus, getting the electric car into more of the mainstream US would be amazing.

This video of google searches from 2017.

Planning out our 2018 adventure list, I spent some time scrolling through this interactive website and it was awesome.

I will take any advice on cutting down the amount of trash we produce. This article from Mind Body Green was a good reminder to refocus. I need to battle my junk mail.

And because we got hit with a snow storm and reminded that winter is definitely here, I'm sharing this video of some Norwegian musicians. There are ice instruments and it's pretty cool.