Morning Coffee Reads Vol. 4

morning coffee reads.png

This list of fun facts will keep you entertained for a few minutes.

The Super Bowl is in Minnesota this year and we are pretty pumped. Lots of people coming to town this weekend and one of the hometown breweries put this "primer" together and it covers most things you'd want to know.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, our mayor recorded a pretty great welcome... check it out.

This will be the coldest Super Bowl on record - good thing the game is inside. US Bank Stadium is pretty incredible and although we are sad it's not our hometown team, I think there will be plenty to do for people visiting. The outdoor activities are awesome, but as the temps fall drastically, out of towners will be drawn to indoor activities like the Mall of America. Here is the article on the weather for this weekend.

I will end on a good note today. We lost to the Eagles and they famously threw beers and food at our fans after the loss. I love reading stories like this one. We are all humans on the same planet and sports are fun, but they definitely should lead to community instead of anger and craziness. I hope this weekend's fan jump on board with the good sportsmanlike qualities.