Munich, Germany in One Day


Thanks to an unfortunate flight delay, we only had one evening to spend enjoying the city of Munich. We made the best of it. The city is very walkable, plus they have great public transportation that gets you to and from the airport with ease. If you find yourself visiting Munich, even for a short while, these five spots are all within 3 km of each other and definitely worth the stroll.

Munich is best known for its Oktoberfest celebrations, but we visited in the end of May and there was no shortage of beer to drink and things to see. It is the third largest city in Germany, but getting around was extremely easy. 

English Garden Munich

1. Englischer Garten - This park is located right near the city center. It is one of the largest urban parks in Europe and is larger than Central Park. We did not have time to explore the entire park, but just strolling through the south end was amazing. The main attraction for us was the surfable river break (more on that next week.) You can also visit the open meadows and sunbathe in the nude, grab a beer at the outdoor beer garden, or just check out any of the monuments or small buildings throughout the park.


2. Marienplatz - This is the center square of the city and has been for thousands of years. This is where they have the Christmas market in December. When we were visiting, they were holding a rally for their local football team. There is shopping located all around this area, plus if you look up while in the square, you can see the town's famous Glockenspiel. If you're lucky, you'll be in the area around 11 AM or 12 PM when the clock actually tells stories of the city's history that last up to 15 minutes.


3. Hofbräuhaus am Platzl - Even though it wasn't Oktoberfest, we definitely got a tiny little taste during our time here. We enjoyed the first half of our 50 oz beer in the outdoor garden surrounded by men wearing Lederhosen and then we moved the party inside where we were surrounded by groups singing songs and having arm wrestling contests while a band played great music. It was a great place to unwind after a not so great flight experience.

Altstadt Munich

4. Altstadt - This word means "old town" and is really most of the area around these attractions. I would recommend strolling through this area around sunset with no real destination in mind. The colorful buildings lit up even more and you feel as though you've been transported in time.

Viktualienmarkt Munich

5. Viktualienmarkt - This is an outdoor market opened Monday-Saturday. There are all kinds of different stands with local gourmet foods and drinks, flowers and gifts. One of our favorite things to do is check out local markets like this because you can always find amazing snacks and new foods to try. The best time to visit is right when they open and wander around unit the beer gardens open. 

If we would have had more time, we definitely would have visited the Nymphenburg Palace, more of the Olympic area and spent more time exploring the 5 places listed above. We had a full agenda though for the next part of our adventure on the Romantic Road, so we will have lots more to share.

Other info and tips:

Most people we met at restaurants and other spots spoke great English, but we always try and learn the basics before we visit a country. People were so friendly and willing to help if you couldn't figure something out. 

Definitely use the public transportation. It was so smooth and easy and affordable. Once you are in the middle of the city, walk everywhere. It's the best way to see the little back streets and beautiful buildings.

Hotel - We stayed at the Hotel Stadt Rosenheim. It was wonderful. Everyone there was really helpful and friendly. Our room was clean and comfortable. Their breakfast was one of the best we had in Europe. It was a great price and was across the street from the train station. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

If you have any questions or places you love in Munich, let us know by commenting below. 

Munich Germany on Foot