Nomad Reads: Shadow Divers

nomad reads shadow divers

Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson (Amazon/Goodreads)

This book, wow! I have a hard time suggesting too many books because everyone is into something different, but I thought I could use this site to share any that really relate to the spirit of adventure or help inspire social and environmental responsibility. This one brings adventure.

I stumbled upon this book in Red Bank, NJ at a small bookstore in the "local favorites" section. I added it to my list and finally got my hands on it.

This book was so good and actually relates to our content well enough that it seemed appropriate to share. This is an adventure tale at it's core and it is all absolutely true! You can look up a deeper reaching summary anywhere on the web so I'll just give you the abbreviated version. Two New Jersey-based wreck divers discover a U-boat that can't be identified off the east coast and work to identify the wreck in order to bring those who rest below the ocean and their families final closure. 

I am not a diver. I certainly have no experience in cold, deep waters hiding any sort of wreck. Since high school, I have dropped my obsession with studying World War II. I feel like anything that could be told about that war has been told. That's why this book is so good. It draws you into topics that you may be over or not even that interested in and puts you into a space that the book won't release itself from your clutches. This website is about adventure. This book tells the story of a real adventure that tests the spirit and resolve of two American divers to their cores. 

This book taught me a lot about diving I was ignorant to and reignited my interest in a topic that has been discussed to death (no pun intended). It's a must read!