Our Next Adventure


It's a trip we've been waiting to go on for years. The problem has been deciding where to go in Europe. Even when we picked the dates, we had no idea if we would head to Scandinavia, Spain/Portugal or the Alps. After weeks of weighing out our options and figuring out where our airline miles could get us, we decided. We are heading to the middle of the Alps to explore a few new countries and take in the mountains. Plus, it's our birthday week and there's no better way to celebrate than new passport stamps and so much cheese.

The things I'm most excited about:

A giant beer in Munich

Cruising the Romantic Road in Germany

Helping Justin cross Liechtenstein off his bucket list

That first view of the Matterhorn

Our train ride between Zermatt and Milan

Taking in the beauty of the lakes of Switzerland

Fondue on my birthday

And then all the hiking, breathtaking views, tiny roads, castles, road trip shenanigans and just time with no emails or phone calls. If you have any recommendations on Bavaria, Innsbruck, Switzerland or Milan - let us know. We are trying not to plan too much, so any recommendations will be awesome.