Park Essentials

Perfect Park Day

There is only one month left of Summer. That means it's time to dive in and enjoy every moment because it won't be long until we are all complaining about the cooler temperatures. One of the best things to experience in New York City is an afternoon in one of the beautiful parks. Governor's Island, Central Park, Prospect Park and Fort Greene Park are our favorites. 

1. Something to play with: We prefer a good frisbee (this is the one we bought) because it's kind of like exercise but you don't even realize it. Cards are another good option because there are a million options. If you're feeling extra fun, squirt guns can also make for a fun afternoon adventure.

2. Something to sit on: Blankets work great and are simple, but you can also take it up a notch. We bought this blow up couch this spring and it has come with us everywhere. You just spin in circles to fill it with air and then you roll it and clamp it and you magically have a comfortable couch. It sounds strange, but we have been seeing them everywhere now, so I think people are catching on to this comfort in a backpack idea.

3. Something to snack on: Perfect afternoons are not complete without snacks. You can get all fancy and get something like this (it's also 50% off right now) or you can follow my lead and stop at a market/bodega on the way to the park and grab yourself some pre sliced cheese, fruit and crackers and maybe a few cans of wine.

4. Additional entertainment: When you are bored of playing games, it's good to have something else with for entertainment. Maybe you have a few friends with you to lay in the grass and contemplate life. Books/magazines work pretty good for entertainment too. If you're a simple person, maybe you are just good with the people watching. 

5. The responsible stuff: Sunscreen (this is our favorite brand because it's free of all those crazy chemicals) and water. 

6. A good mindset: Spending time outside is good for you and with crazy busy schedules, you can go weeks without spending some mindful time enjoying the outdoors. Take advantage of your local parks. Check online for volunteer opportunities to help clean them up or do other projects. 

So tell us, what is your favorite park in your area? What do you take with you every time?