The Paris Agreement: Not Just Another Policy

When our world leaders signed the Paris Agreement in April of 2016, it was a major victory for the battle against climate change. But signatures were only the first step.

Since that momentous meeting last spring, the U.S. has elected an administration that, by all indications, has no intent of upholding the agreement. It is now that we must rely on, more than ever, the power of our voices to impact the decisions made by our leaders.

Those of us who enjoy the soft, deep powder of winter have been noticing the shift and inconsistency in snow for the past several years. It doesn’t take a scientist to see the change in climate. However, the current U.S. administration’s denial of what most scientists agree is happening leaves those without interest or understanding thinking it’s a myth. This is why we must speak up. This is why we must march. This is why we must FIGHT!

This is not just another political policy. This is the stepping stone to preventing the complete destruction of our planet at the hands of its inhabitants. It is not only about preserving snowpack (although many sports enthusiasts will accept that preservation as a perk), it is about protecting the natural resources available to us.

5 things you need to know:

  1. This is a global effort. Almost 200 countries are a part of it. The way that technology has changed our whole world and how connected we are has made global movements like these easier and more important.
  2. There is a 2 degree rule. The agreement really centers around the global agreement to hold the temperature increase to under 2 degrees celsius from the pre-industrial era temps. Read the full explanation from NPR by clicking here.
  3. Green energy is required. In order to accomplish the goals of the agreement, countries must stop emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by 2060. That means that we need to really start focusing on our green energy resources.
  4. There is a focus on forests. Deforestation makes up 10% of the world's carbon emissions. It's a little crazy that this hasn't been a bigger conversation on a global level in the past. This is the same percentage as cars and trucks. Plus, those trees that are getting cut down actually help reduce the carbon on their own. Read this great article for more info.
  5. Trump's cabinet is split on what to do. You've got Ivanka Trump and Rex Tillerson on the side that most of us are on and then you have Scott Pruitt and his band of misfits wanting to back out. This means it's extremely important to stay up to date on the news and make sure your representatives all the way up to your president know where you stand.

The time is upon us to educate relatives, friends and neighbors on this global issue. A policy alone cannot make a difference but together with our united voices, we can, and will be heard.