This year, I'd like...

Steph was good enough to get the New Year goals rolling in her last post and I figured I would piggy back off of it.

I'll start by saying I, like many, think resolutions are a waste of time. In my mind, someone shouldn't need the start of a new year to start improving themselves and shouldn't suffer the defeat of breaking the resolution when things inevitably fail. Self-improvement is hard. Goals are difficult to focus on. And using starting and fail points only make them more daunting to really achieve. "Oops, there goes my goal of eating better because I had a cookie! Might as well give up and eat like shit until next year." Fuck that. Why set generic goals when you will forget them by President's Day? 

My philosophy is to focus on more desirable things than eating better and losing weight (two things that can be worked on without deadlines, anytime of year). I'm talking about things you are OK with not achieving but sure would like to.

Here are my ideas:

1) Snowboard 100,000 vertical feet this year - that'll be a tough task, especially on the east coast of the U.S. But hey, if I make it, I will make up for last year and have an amazing winter. If I don't, then I had a damn fun time trying. 

2) See new countries - this is intentionally vague. I don't put a number to it and I can't pick where since you never know when a deal will pop up. 

3) Do something special to better the environment - in my mind I'd like to adopt 1,000,000 square miles of land to never be developed by man, but this is reality. If I can get out and plant some trees for a local non-profit or continue doing beach cleanups, that'll do...for now.

4) Surf somewhere warm - it's January in NYC and the Atlantic waves are starting to pick up but I have hit the bottom limit of my wetsuit so despite my embrace of an ice tan (what some of you may call frost bite), I'd like to ride waves somewhere warm.

If some of these fail, or don't turn out as planned, I will have no regret. If I can achieve any of them, you know I got to enjoy the ride getting there. Look, I am all for eating better and taking care of your body, I fight that struggle everyday. But those should be long-term life changes and you have to be willing and able to accept mistakes. 

I'm hoping to make 2017 the most fun year I've ever had while not neglecting my responsibility to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Cheers mates!