Three Must Have Luggage Items

3 Must Have Luggage Pieces.png

The more one travels, the more valuable lessons they learn. After our most recent trip, I definitely picked up a few pointers. The most important was regarding luggage. You give up control when you check a bag at the airport, so having luggage that is reliable is important. I wanted to share the three pieces of luggage we love and use all the time and we would recommend to any of our friends. **Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning we may receive a little kick back if you purchase any of the items. All opinions are honest and our own.

1. A Good Backpack - We always travel with backpacks. I even use them when we are running errands in the city because it's easier than carrying a purse most of the time. The only requirement I had was that my work laptop needed to be able to fit because those single strap laptop bags are the worst in airports for long walks. We are big fans of Patagonia, so we were pretty happy when we both found backpacks we loved there.  We have 2 different sizes and styles. One is the Refugio 28L which has great organization and can hold quite a bit. The other is the Ironwood 20L which is simple and gets the job done - plus it has that padded laptop sleeve.


2. A Hard Shell Suitcase - Our luggage has had a rough couple of weeks. One suitcase went to cities we've never been to and was thrown around quite a bit. This is why hard suitcases are best for longer trips. We absolutely love our suitcases from Away - plus, you get $20 off when you order through this link. They have USB chargers located in the carry on size and they have organized sides to help keep packing easy. I can't say enough good things about them. I was actually happy when our old target suitcase broke a wheel off because now we both have one of the Bigger Carry-Ons. The best news is that you can get them for less than $250 with a great warranty.

away hard shell

3. A Weekend Bag - This has been my favorite item to shop for. There are so many fun options out there. This bag is used for those 1-2 night trips where you don't need much. We just got rid of the duffel bag we've had for years. It saw one last ski trip before the handle completely broke off. I've been watching for the perfect one, but there are a few that have caught my eye. 

Weekender Bag

Here are the links if you wanted to check out one of these: the Herschel weekend duffel, the Escape Weekender, and the Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Strip Weekender.

Happy adventuring!