Three Things to Try: Blizzard Edition

Each week, I made a deal with myself to try three different things to make a positive difference and I will share them here so you have someplace to start. This will include actions you can take, non profits to learn about and support, articles or books to read, stores to shop at or maybe just happy stories to help inspire. If you have any, email them my way and I'll be happy to share them in a future week.

3 Things to Try.png

We are preparing for Winter Storm Stella, but I wanted to check in and share my ideas for this week. Because of the blizzard, I'm keeping this week couch friendly or snow related. 

1. Protect Our Winters - This organization is made up our outdoor athletes, diehards and brands that work to fight climate change with education, policy changes and activism. They will be leading the charge in the Climate March on April 29th (more on that later.) If you want to learn more about their organization, check out the POW Seven and take the pledge.

2. Shop online at an awesome company. Toms is one of our favorites. We each own multiple pairs of their awesome shoes. I will probably be spending the day looking for some replacement classics. Justin's favorite pair are the Chukka Boots found here. I'm looking for something a little more fun and colorful, like this blue & white pair or these pretty pastel colored ones. The best part about Toms is their mission. For every pair you buy, they give a pair to someone in need - simple as that.

3. Shovel. If you are an able bodied human, get outside tomorrow and help your neighbors shovel. It is a homeowners responsibility to keep sidewalks clear and safe for people walking, but you can be the most awesome neighbor if you help someone dig out their car or shovel their sidewalk if they haven't gotten a chance to yet. It's one of the best ways to get some exercise and work some muscles you may have forgotten about - plus you're just being an awesome human.

Best of luck to all my east coast friends that are braving the storm with us. There could be 24 inches of snow on the ground by the end of the day in NYC. No school, no above ground train, no snow day for those of us who work from home though. Make sure to comment or send me a note if you have any ideas for next week's 3 things. Stay warm & safe!