Three Brands to Try: Skincare Edition

The skincare market in the United States is predicted to hit $11 billion in 2018. That includes face, hand, body and hair care - no makeup included. The organic/natural sector of that business is growing the fastest but is still a smaller portion of the industry. Your skin is the largest organ you have and it is constantly beat up. More and more research is being done on how certain chemicals and ingredients are harmful to your health and your skin. I have spent the last few years starting to research how to take good care of my skin. I think that's a pretty normal exercise for anyone reaching their 30th birthday. I've tried a ton of stuff and hated some of it. I've experienced products that don't seem to blend in or seem to lack any consistency. After lots of trial and error, I've found a few brands that I really love. 

1. Beautycounter - I recently started helping sell their products because they are a badass company. Their number one mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. The list of ingredients above is helpful to have as you start to research what is in your products. They also focus on environmentally friendly packaging and they are a registered b-corp. My favorites to recommend at the charcoal cleansing bar, the protect all over sunscreen SPF 30 and the cleansing balm.

2. Bare Republic is another great sunscreen brand. They are currently offering a full size product with their after sun milk + honey serum - you can find it here

3. Herbivore Botanicals is the last company that has caught my eye recently. This is a husband & wife creation out of their Seattle kitchen and like the other two brands above, they are committed to producing natural and non-toxic skin care products. The things I love are the Blue Tansy mask and the Sea Mist spray for hair. 

The best way to check out what you are currently using or fact check while shopping is to use the EWG Skin Deep app or website. Make sure to comment below or tweet me and tell me some of your favorite brands.