Three Things to Try: Spring Break Edition

Things are completely overwhelming these days. Any time you open your laptop, there are 45 petitions, 3 protests and 18 immediate actions you need to take to keep the world spinning. I don't think I'm the only one that is exhausted just trying to figure out how to get it all done, plus my normal full time job and some fun in life. Each week, I made a deal with myself to try three different things to make a positive difference and I will share them here so you have someplace to start. This will include actions you can take, non profits to learn about and support, articles or books to read, stores to shop at or maybe just happy stories to help inspire. If you have any, email them my way and I'll be happy to share them in a future week.

1. Reading for Refugees - This is a program where the leaders are encouraging people to spend a night in reading and donate what they would have spent out to refugees. We are going to participate this week. Here are 25 books by refugees in America to read. Get after it. 

2. Spring Break means drinking for some of us. I wish we still got a week off to party. If you are that lucky, you should check out Montucky Cold Snacks. We discovered this beer in Montana after purchasing the hats in a gift shop for our group. They are an awesome company that you get to choose who they donate their proceeds too. 

3. Save the World Spring Break - Our sister did the most amazing thing with her kids for spring break. They had a "staycation Save the World spring break" and every day had a theme. She shared each day on Facebook and ended up inspiring other parents to get onboard with her ideas. If you are looking for a way to entertain your kids for a school break, I would recommend trying something like this. Her week included: donations and volunteering at the local Humane Society, baking brownies & writing thank you cards for the local police & fire departments, picking up trash in a local park & visiting the science museum to learn about climate & the environment, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children and packing food and then the last day, she let our nieces pick their favorite cause to donate to. They picked Team World Vision - more specifically a friend, Sandra, who is working to raise $50,000 this year to bring clean water to parts of the world that need it.

If you are inspired by my sister, you should definitely check out Sandra's donation page. She is going to be running 50 miles this year to help raise awareness. Click here to learn more and donate.