Three Things to Try

Things are completely overwhelming these days. Any time you open your laptop, there are 45 petitions, 3 protests and 18 immediate actions you need to take to keep the world spinning. I don't think I'm the only one that is exhausted just trying to figure out how to get it all done, plus my normal full time job and some fun in life. Each week, I made a deal with myself to try three different things to make a positive difference and I will share them here so you have someplace to start. This will include actions you can take, non profits to learn about and support, articles or books to read, stores to shop at or maybe just happy stories to help inspire. If you have any, email them my way and I'll be happy to share them in a future week.

Three Things to Try

This week, try these:

1. A Day Without Women is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8. There are three ways to support. You can skip any paid or unpaid work. If you're not able to do that, refrain from any shopping (women make the majority of household purchase decisions) and wear red. Also, just be awesome to the women in your life tomorrow whether they are participating or not. Call someone out at work for something awesome they did recently. Call your mother, your sister or your best friend and tell them how badass you think they are.

2. Sleep Out in Philadelphia. I have a friend that does this every year and she is working to raise $1000. The money goes to youth homeless and she spends the night with other fundraisers sleeping outside and raising money & awareness. Donate here. You can also read about her experience at last year's event here.

3. The country has had the craziest weather in the last few days. There have been 60 degree temperature swings, tornados and storms. That should be a screaming reminder that the climate and the environment need our help. Use this template and get a note out to your representation in Washington DC and let them know that you care about the environment.

Make sure you share your ideas with me. Happy Tuesday. Hope to see everyone wearing red tomorrow.