Three Things to Watch

It's Tuesday so I'm back for another round of 3 things, but this time, it's 3 things to watch. I figured we could all use a little coffee break entertainment.

1. Watch this heartfelt clip of Jimmy Kimmel sharing the story of his newborn son's health issues and what that has to do with our healthcare system. Hope you have some kleenex. 

2. I have to give a shout out to my favorite host, John Oliver. I love the way he presents all his arguments. My favorite is when there is a musical number. Here was his recent look into Ivanka & Jared - two individuals that I would just love to understand a little bit better.

3. Last, but not least, a little Trevor Noah. His reactions to the president's rallies are my favorite. He makes the best facial expressions.

Hope you enjoy your coffee break/wine break/snack time videos. Let me know who your favorite late night host is.