Time to Move On

It has been decided that once again it is time to leave home. Home. The word that holds a very loose meaning for me. As I've talked about before, I grew up on the move and never really had a place that I always looked at as being consistent or overly meaningful. Even when I stayed in locations for a while, the house I lived in was typically a short stay. Changing houses every year or moving across the country to new states and changing schools built sort of a complex in me that has taken years to root out. It makes sense that the longest I lived anywhere in my whole life caused me to sink into a rut of complacency that never felt right. Some people like life routines, they're just not for me. That place, by the way, was the first house I bought as an adult in Saint Paul, MN (I made it there 5 years). 

Well, after a lot of discussion, we are going to leave the wonderful world that is New York City. This place has been as home to me as anywhere else I have ever been, but the fact is that we have reached another crossroad where location matters and this time we will ship back to Minnesota. This will be a great opportunity to explore Minnesota in a different way than we have before. Knowing what we know now about trying new things and seeking adventure everyday will bring a plethora of new things to see and places to explore. 

This move should give us a nice opportunity to get the "band back together". Of course what I mean is seeing close friends regularly and connecting with family again. That is the hard part about living life on the move; friends and family don't too often come with. But hey, it's nothing I'm not used to and I am fortunate that my wife shares the same "tumble in the wind' spirit that I have. 

Oh, in fairness to the place, I guess I should give a special shout out to Spirit Lake, Iowa. It is the closest thing to home as I can relate. It has been the one staple in my entire life when it comes to a place to visit. My grandparents have been there since well before my folks were born and still reside there today. Despite the new commercialism and over development and tourism of nearby Okoboji, the feel of Spirit Lake has remained largely the same and I think I have grandma and grandpa to thank for that.

In the next few weeks, we will be soaking up every bit of Brooklyn and the tribe we have here before the big move.

Home, where the heart really is.