Take it with you. Don't ever leave trash behind at the beach. If you pack a cooler of your favorite snacks and cold drinks, repack the cooler at the end of the day with your trash. 

Don't Interfere. Be careful of the wildlife near you when in the ocean. Be careful not to disturb any coral or wildlife in the areas you're swimming or surfing in.

Beach Cleanups. There are organized beach clean ups in lots of communities around the US. If you aren't able to locate your own, just grab some heavy duty gloves, trash bags and head out to your favorite beach to grab as much as you can find. 

Educate Yourself on the Ocean. Learn about the wildlife and plants on the beaches. Take some time to learn about the beautiful oceans and all the amazing things hiding under those blue waters. 

Get involved. Understand the political decisions being made that impact your beaches. Take some time to ask questions, talk to the locals and get involved. It can be as simple as writing an email to a local politician or signing a petition. There are lots of decisions being made that impact the beaches and it is important to help protect them if you're going to enjoy them.

Make Wise Seafood Choices. Here is a great resource for you from Seafood Watch that helps you make good decisions. http://www.seafoodwatch.org/consumers

Reduce Plastic in your Life. Plastics that end up in the oceans are killing tens of thousands of marine animals each year. Reusable bags and water bottles are the easiest first step. Here is a link to our favorite grocery bags - http://amzn.to/1ROxh8D